Welcome to FiskersWhispers : )

Today is Start of Production “SOP” for the Fisker Ocean and it’s also the start for my little blog. The team at Fisker Inc. has put in years of work into getting the Fisker Ocean off the drawing board and out into the world. I have been following their progress for over a year and posting comments, photos and videos, mostly on Instagram, Reddit and Twitter. Occasionally I have more to say about the Fisker brand, Electric Vehicles, the global EV megatrend, business, stocks, finance and legacy automakers. Mostly this blog will be to entertain myself and hopefully others, share information and talk some trash too. Maybe we can be the “TMZ” of the auto sector. Everybody loves drama and there’s plenty of it in the auto business. Look forward to many engaging conversations as well as some silly ones too. Oh and lots of memes, lol.

I believe that Fisker is building a Global Brand and seeks to transform the automotive customer experience – from purchase, to delivery, support and service. Truth is, the industry is in need of disruption and I think Henrik Fisker will be that disputor. The future of mobility will be electric and if all goes to plan, Fisker will be at the forefront.

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